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Oil not only thing slick about BP disaster

May 21, 2010

Dirty Water

A man holds a plastic bag with seawater and oil from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill south of Freemason Island, La., May 7. (Reuters/Carlos Barria, courtesy of

These pictures will break your heart… What about this British Petroleum (BP) gusher? Friends, this is not a “spill,” this is a gusher. And it is positively catastrophic. The April 20 explosion initially cost us 11 lives. But weeks later, the costs continue to multiply. One cannot begin to calculate the loss of livelihoods and destruction of the communities that support those who live off of the water.

And what about the full scale wiping out of wildlife? Have you thought about how this will impact our own food supply? I cannot even imagine the extent to which the environment has been damaged. Frankly, only time will tell of the impact this disaster will have upon our health. Think about it. I had a representative from OCEANA — the world’s largest organization dedicated to the preservation of our oceans — on my show this week and she said once oil is in the water, it cannot be taken out. Ouch. Or, more appropriately: Yuck!

However, as galling as this is, I was stunned when I read that BP’s liability was to be capped, CAPPED, at $75 million! This spill is the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined and BP is culpable for only $75 million; this is nothing short of an outrage. The water supply will be tainted from the Gulf of Mexico, to the Atlantic Ocean and possibly to the Mississippi River and BP, which doubled their profits to more than $6.1 billion this year alone, only has to pay an amount totaling less than what they make per day.

According to a report, based upon BP’s own reported profits, the oil giant, in the first quarter of this year made $93 million per day. And they’re on the hook for only $75 million? Who’ll have to pay for the rest of this cleanup?

Can we even begin the cleanup when we haven’t stopped the hemorrhaging?

And now we find out that BP has not been telling us the truth about the size and volume of this gusher. When first reported, we were told 1,000 barrels per day were spilling into the Gulf, then 5,000, then Purdue engineering professor Steve Werely took a look at the pictures of the catastrophe and calculated that it’s pumping out 70,000 barrels a day: That’s more than 2.9 million gallons of oil per day!

And we are supposed to believe the oil balls that have washed ashore in Florida are not related to this disaster. Seriously?!

BP and the government agencies that allowed them to miss the regulatory benchmarks that could have prevented this disaster must be held accountable… And we, the people, are the only ones who can make that happen.

This disaster will destroy our food, wildlife and alter the ecosystem, damaging that region and the planet for decades, if not forever. Someone or someones must answer for this and ensure this never happens again.

What do you think?

Love and blessings,


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  1. Dr. Camille Fuller permalink
    May 23, 2010 3:26 pm

    Santita you have really shed light on how profoundly destructive and catastrophic this BP disaster is. What I don’t understand is why the human outrage to BP is so disproportionate. Does BP wield that much power or is humanity in a deep sleep?

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